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MICHAELmATICIAN respectfully disagrees with Dimensional Spacetime. With simply a 1986 keyboard and his voice, MICHAELmATICIAN creates “sound units” of New Wave music for all Right citizens of Dallas, Texas. His lyrics are mostly technic professions meant for Resistors that comprise his organization. Of course, all of this is carefully documented by Jeremy Shingles (not to mention representatives of DeDonde Inc.).

In 2012, MICHAELmATICIAN is represented in the form of his latest Sound Unit “Mind Wiring”. This Sound Unit contains fifteen tracks of new music and professions that showcase the evolution and maturity of MICHAELmATICIAN’s sound. The built-in drum machine in his 1986 keyboard takes a life of its own, not always being present and secondary. It disagrees with Dimensional Spacetime to be sure, not to mention this year’s neo-techno super pop hits. To MICHAELmATICIAN, sounds are as important as lyrics. Please understand: the drum machine’s hi-hat is as important as the lyric “invented”. So is silence.

“Palace Algeria” is the first track from Mind Wiring and has been released to the public. It represents MICHAELmATICIAN’s musical philosophy as well as his technic ideology. Therefore, to understand “Palace Algeria” is to understand MICHAELmATICIAN. However, to misunderstand it is to agree with Dimensional Spacetime. You’d be better off following Coldplay on Twitter. In “Palace Algeria”, MICHAELmATICIAN moves in a new direction/dimension. Listeners must decide if they will join or simply follow. You must decide if you agree or disagree with Dimensional Spacetime. Your action is required.


released May 15, 2012



all rights reserved



MICHAELmATICIAN respectfully disagrees with dimensional spacetime. With simply a 1986 keyboard and his voice, MICHAELmATICIAN creates “sound units” of New Wave music for all Right citizens of Dallas, Texas. His lyrics are mostly technic professions meant for Resistors that comprise his organization. Of course, all of this is carefully documented by Jeremy Shingles. ... more

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Track Name: Palace Algeria
Groups relocate by latitude
Abandonding countries, rationing food
Hiding in parcels, all stowing away
This transversive world owned by DeDonde
All roads lead to Algeria
Resistance safehaven, Librarium
The Kaiser cannot take any hold
A radical nation, coordinates too bold

Invented, the technic
Mountain barrier
The palace, the Palace
of Algeria

Walls designed to fit a Raja
Architecture created larger
Saved millenia undisturbed
Strongest holdings well deserved
Michael discovers the palace at last
Twentieth century, but not in the past
Highest longitude proper for groups
Time forms barrier, stops all troops

Invented, the technic
Mountain barrier
The palace, the Palace
of Algeria

To the right transverse
The media proclaims it's worse
Like a ghetto in junkyards
The Kaiser has no access card

Invented, the technic
Mountain barrier
The palace, the Palace
of Algeria
Track Name: The First Phase-Shift
In line at the Deli I waited
Quite frustrated by these electrons
Time/Space reality had faded
Geometric laws provide the correction
First the pastrami: it disintegrated
The city apple couldn't keep it on the menu
Then the employee: he was illuminated
Communicated the equations nobody knew

Bearing with X, daring the inversion
Of Y divided by 2.
All integers repeated, it almost go completed until a binary code interfered

With the Phase-shift
It shouldn't be long
With the Phase-shift
It wouldn't belong

Back at the Deli the walls were grids
Dimensional skid in a graphical vacuum
There was no neutrality so everyone hid
But they could not escape impending doom
Glass was flying, so it began
Blood was used to illustrate the graph
The old phase was dying so I couldn't plan
I ran before my mind was cut in half

By X daring the inversion of Y divided by 2.
All integers repeated, it almost got completed until a binary code interfered

With the Phase-shift
It shouldn't be long
With the Phase-shift
It wouldn't belong
Track Name: Angle Man: Angular
Some things stop time because it cannot bend
It must remain straight and will not end
Most men follow time as if there is no choice
Angular invents the shift, we must all follow his voice

He is a man of angles, geo-supreme
He inverts states of matter, atomic stream

Some things fall apart when time has run
They wither from exposure to the sun
Their state of being starts and ends the same
Angular prevents this pro-cess, that is his aim

He is the man of angles, abandoning time
He converts dimensions to fit his design

Angle man, Angular
Track Name: Beyond Freedom and Dignity
Remove the eyes, reject the Kaiser's lies
Expell the words, combat them with a sword
Beyond freedom, of the corporate kingdom
And dignity, we know who is guilty

He's tempting all citizens
To submit and unlock their doors
To let down their sleeping guard
And he'll always want more

Cut off the hand, the current would disband
Avoid the grid, the records can be rid
Complete revolt, resistance keeps their hold
And preventing, Dedonde's inventing

He's tempting all citizens
To submit and unlock their doors
To let down their sleeping guard
And he'll always want more

Dedonde defiles the doctors
It corrupts the cleaners
Controls their every action
Leaves them all walking dreamers
Track Name: Space Doors
All members of the resistance join
Escape is not going to be possible
A tunnel leads all states to Illinois
However resistors are the most able
The stable foes of all dedonde
Secret meetings in every world city
And the 88th page of books for no pay
Contains one R that stands for many
They get tracked down by riders
Any earth escape is not opening
They must find identical sliders
Invisible doors provide their windowing

They're highly spectral, the new plane
They will connect all, with time's brain
Once we were in sight and vulnerable
Resistors can now outsmart the doom patrol

Through the space doors
Lead to streator (parallel 88)
For all resistors
Will use the space doors (dekabel 88)

Michael is waiting beyond the frame
The one who can unlock the passage
Members will make their way the same
Encode themselves like a dedonde message
Otherwise they'd jump in a gutter
The Doom Kaiser preys on all space
Resistors must now aid each other
Precisely of time to make the case
Stay invisible when out in public
Every member composes the plan
Libaries are a dangerous subject
A place to be captured and scanned
But no one scans the once Matician
Michael leads the tunnel evacuate
Non-components not in the transmission
Time to open sines will calculate
Track Name: Bookkeeper
In the office
He's a bookkeeper
He does accounting for his department
When they audit
His arithmatic
They don't know what is in his compartment
It's the second
Set of secret books
They contain proof that he has embezzled
The tax payers
Pay it all to crooks
It all occurs on the highest level

When his phone rings
It gets recorded
But it's not the government that listens
The resistance
Former bookkeeper
Now a Resistor and brings suspicion

There's a break in
In his department
Nothing is missing but the books are found
All the money
Used to condition
Reality and how we perceive sound
Michael keeps them
The other records
The department tried to cover it up
But the numbers
Caused chain reactions
For corporate parties it would soon disrupt

In the office
A new bookkeeper
A mole involved in the Resistance group
No one's noticed
What he is doing
He's giving back the taxes took by crooks
Track Name: Wave/Particle Duality
He's been split! A wave/particle menace! No one understands the nature of his existance! Do you? Can you grasp the duality at all? Quite a dilemma...

Television newscast states he is a wave
The columnist writes of his particle nature
The public cannot decide what to believe
He looks saw-tooth but measures as vapor

Chemists agree that there's inadequacy
In the explanation of his duality
The observer must determine his state
Only he is able to choose his fate

His dilemma is a complex existance
No one can comprehend his composition
He belongs anywhere in the atmosphere
Not under microscopes for scientitions

Rejected by all the local particle unions
They don't see a being of superior design
He's ignored by the factions of wave shapes
He's made of both physical forms combined

Track Name: The Wire
Joseph attempted to send a wire
To get money from here to there
But the banker's a monitor hire
He works for kaisers who take a share
The cash didn't ever get there
The bank would not open the vault
Joseph tried to complain of the scare
The banker did not accept the fault

So one afore mentioned kaiser
He funneled the cash to his box
It was a standard diverted wire
Assuming that no riders start to talk
But Joseph also held a day job
He was a freelance reporter
He found a convert named bob
This rider lead him beyond the border

The story hit the stands last week
All wires are routed to Vera Cruz
The kaiser he only wants to reap
But sowers have formed and they accuse
The paper burned straight out today
Employees died from lethal flames
The city mourns and some still pray
Resistance plans to win this game
Track Name: Enterprise
They made the station with Radiation.
They took a sample of land they trampled.
The leaders hover still undiscovered.
The grunts perspire and route war wires.
The enterprise has marked the town's demise.
They replaced the mill with a reel-to-reel.
They record destruction as construction.
The streets are severed by caustic levers.

At the library all mad men carry.
Weapons emmitting fraud and committing.
Sounds that erode and cells that will explode.
Targeting members they aim to hinder.
The resistance and their radical stance.
The water pipes are a poisonous type.
All the sensors keep the brainwaves denser.
Within the station's unknown creation.

They make local cooks into small-time crooks.
They use the schools to engrain the new rules.
They form night patrols to mantain control.
The enterprise has plans to modify.
They implant the trees with their secret keys.
There are coins for those who would like to join.
The protection from black list election.
No variation within the station.

Fight Dedonde, Join Resistance.
Track Name: Lifelock
The year is nineteen eighty eight
The world is spiralling, nothing is straight
The locking wards are filled with zombies
Who've tried to die and leave their bodies
Law prevents all from doing suicide
They jump from buildings but don't collide
The terms of sentence is a living hold
They're held to stay until they're old

Stay Lifelocked when they wanted to die
The Lifelock is a law against suicide
They're Lifelocked when they wanted to die
The law keeps them living but a life denied

It was passed in nineteen eighty eight
The legislature was subject to much hate
The cutters and jumpers debate of chances
The chance to end the transmitted trances
Enterprises provided all the machines
Abandoned shoestores were used by teams
Secret teams designed to monitor the locked
They ensured that any ounce of life was blocked

Suspended in cells, a permanent punishment
Attempted to die, they knew where they'd be sent
A law for the lost, confinement for caught quitters
They kept them alive, the Lifelock is bitter

But some would say the Lifelock is better
Track Name: The Showdown
Showdown begins.

Counting the faces and heads in the crowd
Figure out who's human and who's disguised
Every Doom Rider will twitch when they blink
They're slick but they're not error free
Trapped in an elevator just me and him
Reach in my pocket grab hold of an ink pen
Try to decide if he'll catch the scent
Try to survive 'til we hit floor ten

I saw the twitch and he saw the intention
The pen was pulled and then I made my move
As soon as I thought it he had disappeared
But I didn't believe the showdown had ended

In the elevator I allowed the doors to shut
He falsely assumed I had exited the lift-car
After 5 seconds he had quickly reappeared
My pen was ready to prevent his beating heart

The Showdown ended.
Track Name: The Testament
Motion is contingent sounds are irrelevant
Data comes forth in encased volumes encoded
Degrees meet at the infinite by spiral shape
Shifts in time are blocks of three equal parts
Units unique and measurable with space loads
Equations proven in telepathy by paper not words
Thoughts manipulated without decoding required
Edges of reality synced flushly with gravity's
Torrents of numbers collected by faith walkers
Missions explained to mechanical ears and processed
Variants directly non-related to outer movements
Cells as citizens growing in mass and/or number
Machines tested by machines created by paper
Telescopic rantings found near the first wave
Elements combined to form greater elements
Technicians disassembled and sent for testing
Laboratories designed to hold minds captive
Warning systems abandonded by memory banks
Particles mutating without consent of law
Ozone rays bending or forming spirals
Architechure used for deconstructing logic
Time zones mixed and confused by forms
Images scaled back and reversed again
Dimensions inverted and sold to corporations
Instruments that log internal binary coding
Streches of space unknown and deleted
Track Name: Librarium
Pages within pages, looking in the books
Near the reference desk, fear to fail the test
Red ink circles black ink, waits on page 88
The R has left it's mark, the car burns in the park
A code within a code, a place without a trace
A weekly meeting site, for seeking what is right
The floor under the floor, professions of the lessons
One leader shows the way, so cheaters all shall pay

Anywhere we meet is Librarium
Status proxy, statue castle atrium
Any numbered street for Librarium
Twenty thirty, cycle michael axiom

Secrets about secrets, speaking for the meek
Equations for resistance, vacation time and distance
Knowledge refuting knowledge, facts under attack
Spies observe the meeting, and try to learn the seating
Volumes upon volumes, collecting and protecting
On their weekly missions, long wave short transmissions
Cosing too closely, locale's uncovered and discovered
Resistors first gather, make lists then they scatter

September: fire in the book depository
December: missing pieces from the biographies
In winter: revolving doors don't lead to where they should
The center: a vucuum pulls viruses into its hood
Track Name: The Vortex
He's lost in the vortex
And far away from home
While translating ancient text
At the museum all alone
He found the prophecy
Concerning future nations
Posing as aristocracy
Profiting from man's creations

He found it was accurate
Back in the days of Edison
The virus, they could not cure it
And only one possessed the medicine
The one controlled it all
A corporation in disguise
Manipulates the clock on wall-
Street buys and sells the lies

Returning from the vortex
The information was memorized
He knew what would happen next
He would not ever be mesmerized
Checking with volumes of the past
The first war of the entire world
One power benefited from the blast
One Kaiser who's evidence gets swirled

He found his mission's true route
The vortex could not be reached again
He'll stop the Kaiser and all his loot
Dissolve the greed and power again
Track Name: Mind Wiring
Watch out for mind wiring if you feel time spiraling
Prepare for space framing your motion depth is draining
Covert men create limits and containments for all tenants
Like mathematics in motion we have quite a different notion
Agent tracers are now forming consider this your warning
The seminars and the training mental dimensions get framing
You won't realize your history gets removed from your memory
Many strangers are staring and percieved space is tearing apart

Look out for mind wiring when you sense neural inquiring
Step in through the window while playing your nintendo
A device that the secret agents don't see from the air vents
You play to keep control and to have reference of your soul
They've been rewriting time behind the walls of your mind
At work you feel at home but you only think you are a drone
Cells duplicate and retain new memories build and will mantain
Resistance to cerebral fraud and Dedonde's mind wiring mod.