Space Doors


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All members of the resistance join
Escape is not going to be possible
A tunnel leads all states to Illinois
However resistors are the most able
The stable foes of all dedonde
Secret meetings in every world city
And the 88th page of books for no pay
Contains one R that stands for many
They get tracked down by riders
Any earth escape is not opening
They must find identical sliders
Invisible doors provide their windowing

They're highly spectral, the new plane
They will connect all, with time's brain
Once we were in sight and vulnerable
Resistors can now outsmart the doom patrol

Through the space doors
Lead to streator (parallel 88)
For all resistors
Will use the space doors (dekabel 88)

Michael is waiting beyond the frame
The one who can unlock the passage
Members will make their way the same
Encode themselves like a dedonde message
Otherwise they'd jump in a gutter
The Doom Kaiser preys on all space
Resistors must now aid each other
Precisely of time to make the case
Stay invisible when out in public
Every member composes the plan
Libaries are a dangerous subject
A place to be captured and scanned
But no one scans the once Matician
Michael leads the tunnel evacuate
Non-components not in the transmission
Time to open sines will calculate


from Mind Wiring, released May 15, 2012



all rights reserved



MICHAELmATICIAN respectfully disagrees with dimensional spacetime. With simply a 1986 keyboard and his voice, MICHAELmATICIAN creates “sound units” of New Wave music for all Right citizens of Dallas, Texas. His lyrics are mostly technic professions meant for Resistors that comprise his organization. Of course, all of this is carefully documented by Jeremy Shingles. ... more

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